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Designated Commercial Kitchen Project engineering corporation of united nations geographic information conference,G20 and shanghai cooperation organization summit

SMS: group of companies to be invited to attend the 2016 China (international) in zhejiang province catering food exposition and the sixth zhejiang pengxie festival, during the period, the vice governor of zhejiang province li-ming liang, former vice secretary of CPC zhejiang provincial committee, governor lv zhushan, former chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), zhejiang province guo-fu zhou visited the group company booth, warm and chairman Shen Xian method and the representatives asked enterprise operating performance and shake hands, satisfied with the development of the Kowloon group leadership at all levels, and fully affirmed the Kowloon for the G20 security work of outstanding achievements, make persistent efforts, hope group company will be high-quality, energy saving products into the market in the country.
Xiaoshan daily small press corps to visit interview, Kowloon group。
Because of the commercial kitchen special technical requirements and actual situation, to design and construction in strict accordance with the relevant specification, combine the actual environmental conditions prevail in the design, design to ensure reliable index of safety and high efficiency. Commercial kitchen plumbing facilities design should follow the following guidelines:
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