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Process Engineer 5000 - 10000 2020-06-12 立即申请
工作地点 : Hangzhou - - 部        门 : Join 工作年限 : No limit 学        历 : Junior high school 招聘人数 : 1
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for formulating process documents and improving production process. 2. Responsible for the planning, execution and management of BOM management operations. 3. Design and improve tooling according to the production process. 4. Responsible for follow-up and exception handling in the trial production stage of new products. Claim: 1. College degree or above, major in mechanical, electromechanical. 2. Skilled in operating CAD and Solidworks software. 3. At least three years of working experience in sheet metal technology, familiar with mechanical processing technology, mechanical drawing knowledge.
Product Design Engineer 面议 2020-06-12 立即申请
工作地点 : 浙江省 - 杭州市 - 萧山区 部        门 : Join 工作年限 : 1-3年 学        历 : 本科 招聘人数 : 2
College degree or above, major in machinery with more than two years of product design and development experience Able to use CAD, Solidworks drawing software and common office software
Technical Engineer 面议 2020-06-12 立即申请
工作地点 : 浙江省 - 杭州市 - 萧山区 部        门 : Join 工作年限 : 1-3年 学        历 : 本科 招聘人数 : 2
Requires CAD drawing, 3D software, and better control of Solidworks. 2 years of work experience in the sheet metal industry, gender requires male, and has certain communication and coordination skills.
ERP secondary development engineer 面议 2020-06-12 立即申请
工作地点 : 浙江省 - 杭州市 - 萧山区 部        门 : Join 工作年限 : 3-5年 学        历 : 本科 招聘人数 : 1
1. Secondary development of ERP system; 2. Integrated development of ERP and other systems; 3. Daily maintenance of ERP system; job requirements: 1. Have ERP development experience such as Dingjie, Yifei, Yituo; 2. Familiar with basic financial knowledge, production and manufacturing processes, e-commerce and other businesses (a certain aspect will do); 3. Proficient in database development and storage process writing; 4. Can use delphi to write related applications.
Seller 面议 2020-06-12 立即申请
工作地点 : 浙江省 - 杭州市 - 萧山区 部        门 : Join 工作年限 : 1-3年 学        历 : 专科 招聘人数 : 2
1. Responsible for conducting regular market research on the business in charge and reporting regularly to the sales manager. 2. Formulate the sales plan of the customer in charge according to the sales target released by the company. 3. Responsible for the information feedback between the customer and the documentary, close contact, supervise and track the execution of the orders and contracts of the responsible customer to ensure a smooth completion; 4. Responsible for regular customer return visits, and coordinating and handling various problems of the responsible customers. 5. Responsible for completing the payment of the responsible customer in full and on time according to the company's sales rebate policy and related systems.

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